Monday, February 8, 2010

The Weather in Al Ain City ~ 12 C

It is cloudy, and sound it will be a rainy day inshallah
The weather is too nice, BUT so cold :(, I can't take it
and at work? no heater no way you feel warm
* I hate the working days when the weather is good *

You know, at home you have many options
You can hide in bed,
you can stick to the heater
you can lock widnows and very thing
you can wear sweaters
-_- you can get blankets ..

But at work? literally I feel like this:

Have a nice day all


aseel said...

oh my dear friend . i feel for you , didn't you notice that in the last 3 days the weather turned up and down but before 3 days it was soooooooo hot and sunny and now it's freezing

talking to you under my blanket in my room in my house in Riyadh lol

take care and stay warm :]]

lil.D said...

Aseeeel :D welcome in the blog again ... lol and love ur news ending location ;) ....

it is cold :( ... talking to you from my sofa ... Al Ain lol