Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seriously ! .. Healthy Food is good too!

If you want to eat healthy food, it does not mean at all that you need to eat tasteless food, there are a lot of recipes for healthy Super yummy food, ( I posted a lot before, check food talk ), Today I will post a healthy and very delicious food.

1) Mushroom Soup from Mark and Spencer 
You only need to add the salt when you heated up!! and you will get one of the best mushroom soups ever (Tastes like the ones you get from the restaurant) .. you can add any thing else if you wish! like herbals or chicken :) ... This is your food, your art!!! ...  it is really fast to prepare, and less fat, and so tasty, if you like hte mushroom soup, I advice you to try it!!! 

here is mine!!!

2) Egg sandwich with Cheese 

Well I know a lot of people does not like egg :S, but you really can make a lot of recipes while using the Eggs, for me I try to stay away from oil as much as I can when I prepare the egg, because I'm not ready to gain weight from food I prepare lol, so every day I come up with a low fat recipe :) ... let me share with you this simple sandwich, it is one of the best :D less calories and tasty.

1 Egg
2 Slice of Tomatoes 
2 Toasts 
1 low fat slice cheese 
1 drop of oil (AND I MEAN IT ONE DROP)
or you can use the spray oil (even better)
(You can find it in nutrition

Note: you may ask why the one drop of oil! 
it is just so the egg will not stick to the pan 
not to taste the oil on the sandwich ;)

and at the end , salt and pepper 


Let us cook now!!!!

1- Add the oil drop, try to separate it on the pan
2- break the egg into the pan and add the salt and pepper 
Don't mix the egg, keep it like the photo
(make sure both sides are well done)

3- while doing so, you start toasting your toasts to make them hot :D
4- put the egg, the cheese, the latus and tomatoes, then close it up with the toaster

a low fat oil a low fat cheese, vegetables and toasted toast!! 
what else do you need :D ... it is super yummy
and needs no time .. just try to use the right ingeridiance 



شاي الضحى said...

عليج بالعافيه

حــنــونــي said...

OMG! I felt hunger when I saw the pictures..

It's really looks delicious yummmmy

I'm gonna try it .. although I'm not really a big fan of healthy foods "thats why I sick A LOT"

But I promise 4m now on I'll try eating "HEALTHY" f.o.o.d.s

thanks to you..

note** I'll post the result on my blog as soon as possible :)

thanks Dr. heheheheheee

رورو الشخبوطه said...


يمي يمي..

بالعافيه يارب..

رورو الشخبوطه said...


يمي يمي..

بالعافيه يارب..

lil.D said...

Thaankx all :D o allah ye3afekum min kel shr :D glad u like it

пooп said...

عليج بالعافيه
ولو سمحتي يوم بييج البيت سويلي سندويج البيض --