Monday, July 26, 2010

Cold Stone ~

The first time I tried Cold stone was in Dubai when I first met my friend Innocent:باي:, She told me it is what she prefer, but on those old days I thought I'm on diet so I won't eat! She told me that I will regret not trying an Ice-cream from there! but :لاوالله: I decided not to eat.

The very next time I try it was when I bugged my family :ضرابه1: before I go to Al Ain, I want to take an Ice-cream from Cold Stone to eat it in the car, we were late but I insist, especially after what innocent had told me, and I really regret it, :consoling1: why didn't I enjoy it that time with my friend?

I always like to order a Coffee Flavor with biscuits inside, it is rare if I add something else, maybe never! ... Today My friend and I had enjoyed the cold stone, and for the reason I mentioned, I just remember my friend Innocent.

Any how :) Again :blog-755-1126586334 Noon! I always enjoy spending time with you ^___^ Thanks a lot for making my day brighter.

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nosa said...

kilish cold stone ma3jbni!!

i love marbel! <3 4ever n 4 always :p hehe