Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Trip to Dubai Mall !!

It was a nice weekend that I spend with my family, however I kept being on bed for almost the whole day on friday because I was sick, but today I went with my family to dubai mall. First of all, I really hate Dubai mall, this is my Second visit! but this time it was way fun! because I had my sister and sister in law who know the directions :D .. I hate it because it is very big and I lost in there =( o I didn't enjoy it at all! 

elmohim, my family wanted to go shopping for Eid, and I went only to get out of my job atmosphere. The first thing I did that I forgot my phone in the car << Super Smart! and I couldn't take photos, but I managed to use my sister BB! ... a lot of gulf people were in here :-) especially KSA and QTR, I was glad they are here rather than *El Ajaneb* !! .. 

We had lunch in Uno (this is my first time to try it), and let me tell you this! their mushroom soup in the bread!! is AWESOME, you gotta try it!! .. I order mango with chicken but I didn't eat it, their pasta was good and lemon juice. any how I like the restaurant and willing to go again :)

This is Chicken with Mozzarella and Pasta 

Also I went to Candilisious, it was my first visit!
So busy place! I couldn't Breath! ,, I didn't enjoy it!

The best BART was the cupcake! I've never tasted something like that!
OMG! I'm So Going to order again!!! WAaaah THA BEST!
it was from Kitoch Cupcakes 
Super Yummy!
it is in Candilisious o in Jumaira :D

o this is my cake :D
Their Cream! OMG! it is with Cheese! 

Any how :D this is my visit in Dubai Mall
We came back home with a lot of bags :D 
and I can't remember anything but my cupcake!

Aw yeah :) We saw a friend in there! and her little sister 
I was so glad to see them :D ... 
Special thanks for my Sister :) For lending mer her BB 


هديــل said...

Hope u have enjoyed ur time ..

i hate crowded place too so i always go to mall on the morning so there is less crowded ..

i can smell mashroom soup smell LOOOOL i think the taste was good as its smell < LOOOl ;p

and also the cupcake yumi yumi looks delicious

3wafi ;D

رورو الشخبوطه said...

جربت هالمطعم بس بالكويت وحبيت بيتزا وشكل الشوربه يشوق بجربه مره 2 ان شاءالله..

اما محل الحلاو ماحبيته..

ودبي مول رحت له مرتين مره بالليل زحمه كرهت عمري ومره الظهر لي العصر وكان اوكي..