Saturday, July 24, 2010

Noon Was Here!

My Friend Noon decided to have a morning breakfast with me :شاي1:
I didn't prepare anything for her :نعم:
She brought the coffee and breakfast with her :بلعه:
I felt like I'm a Bad host :ياهو:
But truely!!! Noon Made my day :روعه:
I had a lot of fun with her
We could catch up 
and prepare for Evil Plans :لحول:

Thanks NOON for the Coffee and Breakfast :فدوى:


пooп said...

عليج بالف عافيه يا قلبي :*
I had fun too walla
لازم نكررها مره ثانيه :D

lil.D said...

inshallah I really feel glad when I see you :)
Next time we should have MeeShoo With us XD