Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meeting with my friend محد شراتي, and cooking with mom!

Yesterday I went to visit my friend M7dshrati, it was like ages since I saw her last time! .. she promised that she will prepare a cake for me (I gave her the recipe looool so I will eat it in her home) AND her Famous Chai with Zafran *Super* I really had a very wonderful time with her and her family. I'm looking forward for their visit! .. as they promised :) ... Here is my Chai :D :

While today I decided *For no reason* not to go to work, I started to help mom in the kitchen, maybe I was troubling her most of the time rather than helping her out, but I guess it was nice to spend time with my mom especially when she prepare the Yummiest food on earth!

I helped her out to prepare Cream Caramel, she knows how much I love it especially when she use a girlish containers. I told her all the flowers containers are mine, who dare to touch one I will break his/her hand looool *she was upset about that* .. here you go:

* No one touch the flowers, I'm warning you all *

I don't know how did this picture flip upside down!

Well I guess that's it for today! ... Thanks a lot for people who always comment in my blog/email or even directly to my face .. I appreciate it :) *I can let you all share one flower* << kreemah!


Anonymous said...

تسلم إيدكم وبالعافية يارب. وأحلى شي إن تشوفين شخص من بعد فترة ما شفتيه

هديــل said...


hope that u have a nice time with your friend

but i will choose one of the flower ;p


Katkoota xD said...

حلو الوحده نشوف رفيجاتها من بعد فتره

و تسلم الايادي و بالعافيه


فـ(المطيري)ـدكـ said...

تسـلم ايدج .. يالله يوم واحد ما يأثر ..

عليكم بالعافية^_^

Anonymous said...

بالعافية ان شاءالله
أبي جاي و حليب الحين

نهــــــــــار said...

السلام عليكم
الله يحفظلج الوالده
ويحفظلج ربيعتج وناسه يوم تغيرين جو مع حد من ربيعاتج
دمتِ بخير