Sunday, August 1, 2010

My hands skin is pealing !! + Super Mario Bros Wii

It is not the first time, before when I touched the snow my hands got really dry and bleeding, I hate to remember those days! This year after traveling again to Germany and Austria I had the same problem, My hand starts to have very dry skin, and when I reached to UAE my skin start to peal! .. I really hate how my hands looks likes! I thought it is type of allergy or something, and so I went to the hospital.

I was worried to hear the diagnoses of my situation, but the Doctor told me not to worry, it is just a weather change, and my hands are getting rid off the dry skin that I got in Germany, while generating new skin. I won't lie to you!! but I feel I'm some how a snake lol. Al Hamdulilah it is not serious situation and only a matter of time! .. I don't know if some one else has the same problem *I hope not* But I read on internet some stories about the same issue! which is fine Al Hamdulilah.

So I took the day off in order to visit the doctor, I feel the day is quiet long, so I start to play again Mario on my Wii System :-) it is long time since I play it! maybe a month! .. and Now I reached World Five.


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