Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Again ~ New Theme ..

So simple ~ not yet finished ~ ...

I only welcome THA nice good comments

any bad comments ~ and teasing ... will get good punishment mrgreen


desires said...

to be hosnest i love the previous one .. it was so unique as i told you before ..

it doesn't mean that this one is not 7elow ..

bil 3x .. wayed moree7

anyway it's up to you .. and breaking the routine every now and then is something nice..


lil.D said...

Desires, That might be true, But I'm a person who get bored easily, at the same time, that style stoped me from blogging the way I want l0ol, yes believe it! ..

I didn't see myself in that design, this one is clean, neat and cute one :D

Thanks desires ~

AAM said...


و درجة اللون كشخه

ما تعب العين

lil.D said...


شكرا يا خويه .. احب اللون الرصاصي الفاتح مع باقي درجات الالوان المختلفة
احسه هادي على العين :)