Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nice Game: Santa's Cube ~

I found this game in website, and I Found the main website with the highest scores!! I know it is not a new game, but truly, I enjoy it. It is very nice game I liked it, if you want to play it just {click here~

Prt Scr
from the game:

لازم تكسرون الالوان المتشابهه اوكي؟
كل ما كسرتوا مجموعة اكبر
مرة وحده
يكون احسن

If you played it ~ share Me you score =) !!


~HaUnTeR~ said...


nice game..

my score is 9720

isn't it good or what L000L

thank u for sharing this game with us^^

|:| DUBAI |:| said...

و رب الكعبة

كنت ادور عليها

نفس اللعبة بس كانوا كور

: )


اقصوصه said...

حلوه وايد اللعبه

انا اموووت بهالالعاب :)