Monday, May 26, 2008

Dieting!! .. رجيـــــم Day (1)

Since months I stopped going to the gym, and I'm not eating healthy food, so I
gained weight batting eyelashes !
Well, I decided to take an action and start {dieting} good luck Hopefully I'm going to
reach my target weight!

All in the picture are {Low fat} ... cooked by me :-)


Morning said...

wow it looks delicious

good 4u and i hope u continue this time cause ur eating normal food in a healthy way..

i want to start a diet but the idea of the going through tough time again scares me..

last time i did a diet was a year ago and what i did is not eating any thing just drinking jucie for 3 months !!! everyone just asked me how did i loose this much and i was telling them i just had a juice!!

now i can't even complete half a day..

i know what i did was wrong..i was starving and feeling dizzy all the time..


lil.D said...


I know what what u went through, this is when we do wrong diet! .. then we feel awkward to go through the same experience again! and me too, it is almost like Less than a year for my last dieting and Gym program, and I gained a lot of weight !! :( My clothes didn't fit me any more :( .. and I bought smaller Size .. So that it will encourage me to lose the weight! ..

I went to (Diet Nutrition), And inshallah I'm going to reach the target weight in 6 months :) ...

it is all about how to encourage yourself .. I don't think about it as *tough time*, I think about it as a daily healthy life .. and I enjoy eating my own food :D I can put for you my daily meals :) to encourage to have healthy food again *not diet* ;)

حرير said...

lil dear are you sure this is low fat???
Yummi Yummi,, I want to start a diet too,, yummi

Next month we want to see pic of "Almezan" LoOol

inourasha said...

good luck sweety....
i want to start completing my own diet yet i feel heavy to play sport....

lil.D said...


Yes dear it is super low fat food, the rice without oil, and the Meat is fried by special *Spray Oil* fat free, they gave it to me in the diet center (you should only spray a lil) .. and the vegi made without oil at all ;)

it is yummy to say the truth >_<, I won't show you numbers :P but sure I'll tell u how much I lost inshallah

Glad to see you around :)

lil.D said...


Ammm, You only need to eat healthy, ur not fat :) ... just eat healthy and stop fast food, you will see your weight is going to drop slightly .. inshallah you will do good job you always do :)