Friday, May 2, 2008

Singapore, anyone?

I've been in Singapore for four days, and it was really the best in the summer, after that I went to Malaysia for 2 weeks, Aaah I wish I spent the rest of the holiday in Singapore! .. Imagen you spend only four days in a new country! If I go there again I would've stay 10 days, Not shrinking it to 4 days only x_x....

Why Singapore?

  • Very clean country.
  • Safe country.
  • Nice people.
  • The weather isn't too hot, and not cold, it is cool and it can be raining any moment :-) *which is something I consider it cool *
  • Sophisticated country, I really like the idea of paying your taxi fees by Visa !!
  • Laws are Very important and all MUST follow it. (I really advice you to go for the law of the country because they they have restricted laws, especially which affect their country beauty and environment).

Honey Moon Vs Family?

To me I advice you to go to Singapore for your honeymoon or relaxing, and also shopping. You can go to Malaysia if you are looking for Family trips, but in Singapore, it is really more to relax and enjoy your time away from your responsibilities. Well it is only a personal opinion based on what I saw there.

Things To do and places to go:

[Botanic Garden], actually this garden took my breath, and I can't wait to go to Singapore again to visit this garden. inside this garden there is a special garden called [Orchid Garden] know what is the best of this garden? you can relax, walk and enjoy the views, and take a unique photos if you are interested in photography.

Sentosa Island]

This Island is really very interesting, you can do many things there and let me tell some things that I'm sure you will enjoy :-) :

[Fish Reflexology]:

Let the fish massage your feet, they also clean your feet if you have dry skin! don't be scared, I'm sure it is interesting.

[Underwater Wold]
It was such a dream for me to walk in such place, it is just like you are walking deep in the ocean, you will see many types of fishes !! .. some are strange and some you didn't see but in the TV! ... Sharks section was little scary though >__< ... you can enjoy as well the dolphin show, but make sure you go there earlier to find a seat! it is very crowded. You Have to visit it ^__^
[Sky Tower]:
you can see all Sentosa Island when you are in the tower, it is smoothly moves upwards in circular mood, I took many photos while I'm in this tower, people enjoy the view from up-there, there were elder couple beside us, there were in their 80's and enjoying the view, they were so cute o(>___<)o

well there are a lot of things I can't even tell you about them but let me say it in short:

- Shopping.
- Have lunch on the cable car from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island.
- Have a bath at the Ritz Carlton (They do special brunch-bath packages).
- Visit the China Town.
- Visit the Arab street.
- Singapore Zoo, including the Night Safari *you have a tour in the zoo at night by the train*
- Night walk beside Singapore river.
- If you are looking for brands boutiques you can go to Orchard road.

I hope you enjoyed my Singapore trip, if you want more information just click here: Visit Singapore

Important note:

Please don't copy my article without referring to the sours which is My blog :) because it took me time to write and arrange it.


midnight said...

wow seeing ur pics i really wanna visit singapore. ive heard a lot about it and it sounds interesting, maybe one day im gonna visit.

lil.D said...

I'm really glad that my make you feel so :) .. and believe me yo will enjoy Singapore so much

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lil D for the report :)


lil.D said...

هلا هلا قهوتن :) ... الحمدلله انه الريبورت عجبج ^__^