Thursday, May 29, 2008

Grilled Fish, For lunch ...

I'm not really a fan for Sea Food, But this? You gotta Try it!
"Cooked under the instructions of mother"

Hope you like it


Anonymous said...

it looks yummiiiii Lil D

i didn't you cook ur food or u get it from a diet center?

cause u said earlier u got the oil from them..

:) Good Luck


lil.D said...

Welcome Welcome (قهوتن):

I go to ( Diet Nutrition ) it is in front of Alain Mall, They don't give you food !! (only chocolate, medicine, and low fat oil) .... But the food? .. I cook it my self at home :) ...

Thanks dear ...

lil.Designer group said...


i need the receipe for this dish its look testy.

lil.D said...

well let me say it in arabic

انيب السمج وننظفه ونقسمه نصين .. عقب نضربه ضربات خفيفه عشان يتمدد شوي وعشان يستوي بطريقة أفضل

عقب نحط عليه ملح وفلفل اسود ونعصر شوي لومي ... عقب نحط بزار عليه .. ونكسر لومي يابس ونحط على السمج شوي << اللومي اليابس هو اللي يسوي الطعم

عقب نلفه بقصدير طبقه وحده خفيفه فوق وتحت .. ونحطه بالشوايه < نفس اللي نحط فيها الخبز يعني اللي تطبق عليه فوق وتحت ... أو بالفرن

:) وبس