Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Graduation Party .. (5/May/08)

It is really a good feeling, to graduate with excellence, to have a unique party only for Excellent students, and also Medical and Master students .. Girls were grousers actually I can call them Queens, Well medical students were really special :D .. I'm glad for all the graduates ..

Thanks for Shaikha Fatima Bint Mubarak -The Mother of UAE- for her attendance, she is really kindhearted and nice, she brought happiness to our hearts ^___^ ...

O do really feel proud to be an Honored Student :)


~{دمآر said...

MabrOoOoK Sweety
Oo 38bal Al3rs :p

Nice Blog =)

H.alkhaili said...

Mabrook, Testahleeen :)

mwa6n said...

Congrats mate

Wish you all the best and inshallah 3gbal al Master & Phd.

Anonymous said...

ما شاء الله عليج

وتستاهلين هالتفوق .. والتكريم من أم الإمارات الشيخه فاطمة

وعقبال الجميل .. وعقبال ماتكررين هالإنجاز في الدراسات العليا


منصور الظاهري

lil.D said...


Thanks dear, and let the mirage a side, first pray for me to get a job lol, وعقبالج ان شاء الله



Thanks dear :D Glad to see you around ..



Thanks bro, and inshallah :D .... hope you get your phd too :) ...



مشكور منصور، وعقبال ما نبارك لك ان شاء الله بالتخرج بامتياز :) ... ومرحبا الساع

Girly said...

walla u deserve ittt after the hard work!!!3gbal el wa6'eeefa ya rabi

Anonymous said...

congratulations Lil.D

wishing u all the best...and yes..it's one of ur moments you will never forget in ur life..

قهوة الصباح

lil.D said...


*laughing@U GO GIRL* .. Thaaaaaaanks Sweet Friend :D ... wallah you deserve the best as well ... I'm so glad to see you here ^___^


][][Morning Coffee][][:

True, it is something I won't forget at all .. love those moments ... thanks dear :D

Reem said...

IT was so pleasent party mabroOok ya Lil.D,, walla I love sheikha Fatima she made us so happy,,
and my family were so happy too
Imagine my Mum refused to take the cheque.. I don't know what to do with it now:* :) :)
It was the MOST charming feeling ever
I am still touched by the party..

Anonymous said...

Since you have taken it, certainly you deserve it. You have spent alot of time and tensions in order to match this moment. Congratulations for all national graduates. The country, the leader, the authority, and the community are proud of you.

Wish you the best next step.


Nooda said...

congrats honey ^_^

o 3egbaaaali next year ;p

Anonymous said...

Congratulations dear lil.d you deserve the best.

w 38bal to achieve all your wishes ^_^


lil.D said...


أكيد الشيخة فاطمة تنحب ، الله يحفظها ان شاء الله .. حنونه وويها سمح وبشوش :) ... مبروك التخرج انتي بعد يا ريييم .. اما عني انا بلعب بالجيك هههه والله المستعان لووول .. انتي ماقررتي؟