Sunday, May 4, 2008

Waiting .. I hate it!

I do really hate waiting. I know that the best thing that I can do for myself is to be patient, but I can't really wait for the rest of my life! .. I'm sure you know how it feels when you are waiting for your Test results *whatever results they are*, waiting for lunch or dinner >___<, waiting for a job, waiting for a phone call, for some one to come, or waiting for Ms/Mr. perfect. It really makes me feel nevus, and stressed, especially if this thing is touching my life strongly, if not, I can really wait wait wait and wait. Sometimes I wait silently, without showing emotions that I'm stressed or waiting for something, but deep inside? No I'm really on fire! .. Most of the times I'm waiting silently without complaining because Allah asked us to be so, although it is not easy, but I'm trying my best. Tell me, How is waiting going with you? Can you be patient? and when do you reach the point that you scream with laud voice saying: I can't Wait?


Morning said...

I hope you didn't write this while u were waiting for me :S

about waiting for the perfect depends on ur u want to postpone everything in ur life until u get married?

ur life could completely change once u take a first step towards something new or u think it's nothing but really it could make a a career..or starting a personal business..or just by adapting ur self to the environment..just convince ur self that ur happy the way ur living now and u don't want big changes before two or three years from u would live in peace for a while :)

i am so sorry for not being there :(

have a nice day lilo

Suhail said...

Good Morning,

Well, about my self, when I wait for something I do my best to ignore it as much is I can, so I don’t be nerves around the ppl whom around me whether they’re my family or my friends

I think the best way is to ignore it and if I couldn’t wait anymore, I try to do something that I like, to keep my mind busy like reading, or playing something like chess or sudoko

I really dislike waiting at all, and if its out of my hands, I don’t think I’ll screw my mind that much waiting and in the last I’ll accept the result

Thanks a lot