Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Working on my blog ..


Well today I'm working on new features to my blog, .. like adding icons biggrin .. before I Didn't have this feature! but I did some simple coding following Online tutorials, More over I added the new email subscription icon, so u can know all news of my blog by subscribing.

I hope you you enjoy my blog, and bare with me the Changes I do every day tell I get a fixed blog rose .. Am I talking a lot? chatterbox .. no worries you have to listen to me big grin .....

Well this is all for now :) and I'm going inshallah to provide you with some Excel lessons after while .. So I hope you Subscribe if you are interested ..

nerdIf you need any lessons you think I can help you in, just email me and inshallah I'll make the lesson as soon as I could .. Yallah Catch you Later .. rose


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Thanks Omair ^_^